Abnormal Personality Types, Parenting and Other Issues

by Narayan Singh Kalsa aka Michael J. Lincoln

Author of Messages from the Body, Addictions and Cravings, Allergies and Aversions and many more

Abnormal Personality Types from Child Abuse Other Issues

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Messages from the Body, Addictions and Cravings, Allergies and Aversions, Michael Ebner, face reading
"His Face Readings are Amazing!
I had more than five face readings over a period of a few years. They were amazingly correct and helpful to insight of myself and people that I wanted to know more about. I gained tremendous insight into people who were close to me and what I should do to deal with them or leave them."
David van Beek


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Why Alvina Roloff (Elvina Roloff) was murdered

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More about Narayan-Singh formerly known as Michael Lincoln.

Elvina (Alvina) Roloff probable murder, Clark County, Washington, Sheriff.