Ancient Wisdom About Women, What Men Should Know.

This image was carved in ancient rocks:

The spiral represents woman. The arrow represents man. The spiral represents spinning around. The arrow represents focus and stability. A man provides stability to a woman. Sometimes a woman cannot help herself from losing control of her emotions. A man needs to be understanding and not react to what is happening on the surface. Here are some basic rules for a man to memorize and follow:

  1. Never argue with a woman.
  2. Do Not React to a woman. Be stable and calm. Don't listen to her words. Look at her body. Listen to her tone of voice. Women are in pain.
  3. Women have 10 times the creative power of men.
  4. Women are interested in creative expression. LISTEN!
  5. Women want SECURITY (not love -- women are love). Be steady. Don't react. Listen. Tell her she uplifts your life. Tell her you need her help.
  6. Never tell a woman she is beautiful. She won't believe it. Emphasize the spiritual.
  7. Never tease a woman.
  8. It takes about three days for a woman to feel the desire for sex.. Sex starts in the living room. Women love drama.
Levels of Security
  1. Physical.
  2. Emotional.
  3. Intellectual. (See rule # 1 -- Never argue with a woman.)
  4. Financial.
  5. Social.
  6. Spiritual.

If you LISTEN (not DISCUSS) to a woman until midnight, you can have any woman. Treat a woman with grace and dignity.

Don't react -- respond. Never argue. Don't complain. Don't whine.

Dump your guilt. Just because you are aware does not mean you are responsible.


Read the works of Carlos Castaneda and Robert Bly.


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