The Egghead Abnormal Personality

Meet the "walking cerebrum", the brain on stilts. They are the epitome of logic, rationality, and left hemisphere analysis. To them everything has its place and everything is in its correct place -- at least in their conception of the world. They have the ANSWER, whether it takes the form of an ideology, a theory, or a method of analysis and inquiry. And God help anyone who either seeks to introduce anything different or tries to prove them wrong!!!

They are extremely feeling-, vulnerability-, and pragmatics-avoidant, and they are both repulsed by the "messy and mundane" aspects of life and terrified of the demands, experiences and reactions that commerce with the "lowly practicalities of life" can generate. They are hell-bent to live their life in their "ivory tower" and in their head, every step of the way to the last.



The "egghead's" parents are typically at war on the polarities -- the seductive-destructive siren versus the coldly cerebral-coercive authoritarian. She is repression-run and very right hemisphere dominated, while he is rationality-rabid and left hemisphere-trapped. This combination results in a complete driving underground of all feelings and pragmatic reality-perception, due to the over-intellectualism of the father and the heavy emotional-commotionalism of the mother.

The mother is extremely ambivalent about males and avoidant of the sexual experience, so she marries a hyper-logical and feeling-suppressing man who is in many ways like her father. She loves the seeming self-confidence and personal power he exudes, the male role-congruence he evidences, and the status and societal rewards of his complete rationality.

But she hates his blind control, cold withholding, male privilege pattern, and disapproving detachment. In addition, she is subtly enticing and rejecting in a sexually loaded manner towards all males, including her husband and son. Out of this and out of her terrific ambivalence towards her husband, she proceeds to do a "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me!" subtly incestuous trip with her son.

She makes much of her son, do-for's and go-for's a great deal, non-requires, and indulges him, as she admiringly encourages the intellectual achievement status-symbol in him. At the same time, she cuts his hamstrings on the pragmatic competence level, and she thoroughly confuses, terrifies and enrages him with her "Buzz off, Buster!" seduce--withdraw-with-a-slap pattern. She subtly attacks and decimates him on a subterranean level, while on the surface, she is appearing to be super-sweet towards him.

In the case of a daughter, she is envious of the daughter and intensely possessive of the father, and in no way is she going to let the daughter win the competition for his much withheld attentions. So she systematically undermines and denigrates the daughter's femininity, and she shapes and programs her into a replica of her husband, making her meager capacity to love and the reduction of her virulent hostility contingent upon this development. And again, while all this is going on at the "real" and subterranean level, on the surface, she and her daughter have a smoothly sisterly relationship.

Meanwhile, back with the boy, the father is engaging in an "ego-extension" role-modeling and vicarious living programming of his son. He wants to leave a clone who will do his thing even better and more completely than he did, and he makes that very clear to the son. He is also looking to the son as a collusive ally against his thoroughly threatening wife in his "great war" with her.

Or with his daughter, he is totally threatened by her feminine, emotional and pragmatically grounded beingness, and when she enters the Elektra period and Eros strikes as she seeks to develop her grace as a woman and to construct her animus, he totally can't handle the heat that she generates in him, and he withdraws into himself like a sow bug or armadillo. In the meantime, the mother is seeking to make her less feminine and threatening as a rival, and the combination drives the young woman into an "intellectual companion" role with her father as the only way she can survive with her mother and have any kind of relationship with her father.

Due to the out-of-awareness and extreme explosiveness of the processes and emotions involved, an "Emperor's New Clothes" implanting also occurs, along the lines of, "If you ever blow our cover, we'll kill you!" as the unconscious message. As a result, feeling- and awareness-avoidance designed to deflect detection of the mounting rage and bottled up over-stimulated sexuality develops to a profound degree.

The "egghead's" communication strategies get shaped by this decimation-avoidance and runamok-anxiety process, in conjunction with the hyper-abstract and detached intellectualism training, so that they end up "3 degrees starboard" and "14 levels of abstraction" removed from pragmatics, emotions and experiences. They dared not set their own real priorities, act on their true reactions, or express any emotions in this process.

The intent is to avoid excessive direct relevance and display of or attention to reality, and the result is that the "egghead" channels their intense sexual feelings, rage and suppressed/repressed emotions through their cortex. And the finishing touches on the process of producing a "walking cerebrum" are carried out by the community when they hit the streets and the schools. Society strongly supports exclusively or pervasively left hemisphere functioning, because the paranoid patriarchy provides a very well-oiled role which is productive, control-providing, and basic paranoid premises-validating. The "eggheads" have become our priests in this scientized/rationalized world of ours.




"Eggheads" don't want to deal with life, and they evade it as much as possible. One of the primary ways in which they do this is a strategy in which if a phenomenon can't be "proved" in the left hemisphere linear logical manner, they don't have to deal with it. "Those who can't, teach". They are in effect trapped in a "paradigm problem" in which they become more and more alienated from reality, life and love.

The bottom line process that runs the "egghead's" life is runamok-anxiety and distrust of themselves because of all the volcanic and geophysical tensions roiling below their repression/suppression. At a deep subconscious level, they experience themselves as potentially out of control sadists and libertines. They keep all of this under their thumb by continuously striving for status, power and control.

Feelings of any kind are so unpredictable, disruptive, uncontrollable, and dangerous to them and, they think, the world, that they over-control, over-simplify and over-rationalize as they "encapsulate" reality in order to prevent catastrophe and cataclysm. They are so afraid of their own and other people's feelings that they desperately want to legislate them out of existence. They are deeply distrusting of themselves in this regard, they are out-and-out paranoid in regards to other people's feelings, and they consider others to be dangerous and evil.

They are anti-emotional, anti-intuitive, anti-pragmatic and even to a considerable extent anti-biological because to them anything that comes from the guts is potentially lethal. If it's not tangible or if it doesn't fit a logical/rational order, it's not real and it is to immediately destroyed. Anything bespeaking of "ghosts in the head, in the heart, or of Christmases past" is eliminated like a deadly disease. They tend to take a strongly smug, superior and supercilious approach, but this is actually a bending over backwards reaction formation "superiority complex" that is really an underlying severe competence-anxiety, runamok-anxiety and evilness-anxiety.




"Eggheads" are all head, no heart and no soul. They evaluate everything rationally without reference to values, and there is no passion behind their priorities, save those of defending themselves against alternative constructions of reality and against intrusions by the unspeakable messiness of the world. They are the ultimate withholders who refuse to respond on any level but their system of analysis and beliefs. They instantly twist anything they encounter to either fit into their system or dismiss outright. There is no impacting them except within their system and on their terms. They authoritarianly disqualify on totally linear/logical left hemisphere grounds, with no basis in reality and no means of response allowed. The fact is that they can only relate to selected knowledge -- they can't relate to wisdom at all. They are also programmed for failure with their "3 degrees starboard and 14 levels away from reality" thinking.

They are compulsively abstract, logical, rational, rigidly controlled and controlling. They are left hemisphere-specialized, linear, verbal, visual, Newtonian mechanical-causal and materialistically concrete in their concepts, metaphors and thinking. They construct simplistic, logically hierarchical, concretistic models of the world, which they then attackingly and disdainfully defend with their life. They also attack other models as if life itself depended on it, because to them, it does.

They are very righteous, hypersensitive to assumed attack, and intensely moralistic. They do a "guardian of morality" (almost clinically paranoid) "Stomp on sin!" attack of other beliefs in a fanatic frenzy. At the same time, they are extremely upset at being misunderstood in their intent, which is to make the world safe for all of us. But then again, to be understood is a double-edged double-bind to them. To be understood is crucial for its validation and "great crusade" functions, as well as for the sheer sense of acceptance and support involved. But on the other hand, they literally fear death if they are truly understood. So they do an approach and disclose-attempt, only to be immediately followed by their engaging in a withdraw-withhold and invalidate the attempts of others to comprehend them pattern.

"Eggheads" set up all-encompassing, often brilliant systems of belief and interpretation which eliminate all forms of feelings, unpredictability, subjectivity, practicality and uncontrollability. Because of all these eliminations from consideration, their systems are of course incomplete, but they treat any contradictory information with denial of validity or even of its existence, and they are tenaciously opinionated out of their frantic fearfulness underneath the calm, cool, logical/rational exterior. One outcome of this is the "interrogation mode" in which they act like a lawyer in the courtroom to destroy rival systems of belief and to release rage in a "justified and judicial" manner.

They become bitter utopians who are desparaging, denigrating, disappointed, despairing and disgusted with the way the world is. It should conform to their version of nirvana, and they refuse to deal with reality. They try to set up and impose an artificial, idealized world, and they furiously promulgate it, avoiding all encounters and experiences that challenge it.

Of course, they then to hang out exclusively with other "eggheads" in settings that support them such as academia, theological centers, think tanks, information-processing professions and science. They then complain vigorously about and sneer at the world at large, or they plan and rehearse the "coming fruition" of their intellectual fantasies.

They are perfectionistic purists who are working out the complete conceptualization of a logically derived system based on their feeling-abhorrent basic premises and existential bottom lines. Meanwhile they vehemently deny that such things as "existential bottom lines" can exist. They want to have total cubistic control of the nature of the cosmos that doesn't allow for any "strange animals" like that to be a part of the way the world is.

They disdain (and deeply fear) the world of pragmatics, of feelings and of the feminine. They depend totally upon systems and other people to manage their "mundanities" in a preemptory, oblivious and/or petulant manner (as they hand a voluminous report to their secretary and almost sneeringly order her (sic) to complete it to perfection in an impossible time schedule. They expect to be taken care of because of their "great and lofty contributions and concerns". They can't be bothered with such "trivial" matters -- the "privileged status" phenomenon.

They are often snobbish and persnickety elitists and silently sneeringly socially avoidant emotional recluses holed up in their office and/or room. They can only think and deal in ideals, ideas, concepts, principles, logical and rational systems. They are "reading machines" who are HIP (Hungup In Principles), specialized, and lost in books, journals and computers. There are books everywhere and they are always buried in one. And they are utterly emotionally isolated and insulated.

They are pragmatically, emotionally, spiritually and socially naive, and they are full of 1001 esoteric facts that no one wants or needs to know. They are terrifically knowledgeable of academic, scholastic, scientific, technical, aesthetic and arcane matters. And therein lies their double-edged sword -- their contribution and their limitation.



Intervention with them requires a therapeutic agent who is able to match their cognitive capabilities and proclivities to get past the "Mensa mentality" and validation-need barriers. They then need relevant understanding communicated by a one-on-one matching of their abstract communications at first.

But then the terrible terror and profound pain underneath the coolly logical and distant disengagement must be acknowledged and delicately presented to them in an abstract explanation, systems-analytic format. Blame-framing in any way -- of family, of them, of others -- must be eschewed at all costs. A totally compassionate comprehension has to be expressed in terms that they can relate to and yet which take them into the "never-never land" realms they fear so much.

There must be absolutely no attack or invalidation of their system implied, or you will lose them to a rush of vulnerability-panic and frantic self-defense. It is a far, far better thing to utilize indirect induction metaphors and other insight-induction methods that attach solutions to their dilemmas in terms of their own analytic strategies. Then they need "homework" assignments which put the control and administration of the therapy in their hands.

As trust and gradual growing awareness develops, they need supportive and explanatory "functional analyses" of their interpersonal behaviors, controlling tactics, and communication hassles by means of logical analyses of the situations and the antecedents of their having developed these approaches. By using these methods, they can incrementally be introduced into psychodynamic formulations regarding their developmental history, again in a compassionate and non-blame-framing but undeniably factual manner. Finally, a slow process of introducing emotional, social and spiritual understanding and training commences, along with pragmatics counseling and competence-building. Needless to say, this is a rather major undertaking that requires the resources of a competent psychotherapist. But the results are worth the effort.



  They have been studying the world around them assiduously seeking to comprehend the cosmos and to "make it safe for everyone". When they are able to integrate the feminine, the soul and the practical into their understanding, they shift from knowledge to wisdom, and they become a widely informed penetrating and relevant analyst who provides brilliant reasoning, useful inputs, and cosmically correct insights.

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