After a little more web searching on I found the FREE four-part course on Spoon Bending. It consists of four web pages with simple text. I read all four web pages already. Use a thin spoon, bend the spoon prior to the exercise of bending the spoon with only your mind, picking up the spoon and putting pressure on it with your fingers, waving the spoon up and down to use gravity to bend the spoon. These methods are NOT bending the spoon with ONLY your mind.  

As for Twyman's actual cost of making these four web pages available to 100,000 people, I estimate it to be around $10.00 (ten dollars) for one month. This cost only covers the serving of the web pages on a computer. The cost of putting the instructions in plain text web pages might be around $300 one-time cost for typing it. If the text was available in another computerized form, the cost would be much less.  

The free course web pages are as follows:  

A special report from NewHeavenNewEarth in Sedona, Arizona regading James Twyman is available at the following web page:   

Twyman could easily collect the million dollar prize by bending a spoon for these folks --

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Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 3:08 PM
Subject: Subj: The Spoonbender Course has begun

Hi Fellow Lightworkers and Peaceful Warriors,
James Twyman has begun the Spoonbenders course. It must be accessed online.
If you have already signed up, you already know this.
His latest letters are copied below.
If you have not signed up yet, it is not too late, (but almost so). Go at once to his website, <> and sign up there. You will be told what to do to access the web page where the course is being taught. I will not be sending any more reminders. From here on, you are on your own. (But of course, none of us is really on our own, we are all in this together, and we all have help.)
Love and blessings,

Subj: The Spoonbender Course has begun 
Date: 12/31/2002 8:46:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

Beloved Friends,
One hundred Thousand people from all over the world will be part of an experiment that may change the world. You are one of them, and your role is so important. There is an ancient technology of prayer that was banned over seventeen hundred years ago, perhaps because it was so powerful. Using these simple tools you should be able to bend a spoon with your mind in three weeks, then apply that same technology to revealing a world ruled by peace and compassion. The goal of this course is for you to realize how powerful you are when you focus the energy of your mind and heart together, then watch as miracles happen all around you.

Because it is so important that everyone participate, we are offering this course strictly by donation. It is presented in four easy lessons that you can access through a special web address. Then we will apply what we learn to a real peace mission I am undertaking on February 9 in Israel. The Great Experiment III will be an opportunity for all 100,000 people to focus the power of this meditation on the Middle East and Iraq at the same moment. Statisticians are already gathering data that we will use to demonstrate the success of this vigil. Our goal is to prove scientifically what the saints and sages have always said, that prayer is indeed the most powerful force in the Universe. We need your help. Please join us and together we will shift the world in the direction of peace.

Simply go to and follow the link at the top of the page. It will lead you to the sign up page and all the information you will need. (Please do not respond to this e-mail address. With the volume of the people we are working with, it will be impossible to answer specific questions.) Then you can begin immediately.

When you are able to bend a spoon with your mind, you will realize that you are a powerful spiritual being, and can then begin the real task of healing the world.

100,000 people are receiving this e-mail, and you are welcome to pass it on to others if you choose. But please join us yourself. There is nothing to lose, and a New World to be gained.

In Peace,
James Twyman

Subj: Addition to Spoonbenders Course 
Date: 1/3/2003 1:16:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

Beloved Friends,
The response to the Spoonbenders Course has been overwhelming. I am inspired to see the names of so many thousands of people from around the world who are committed to healing the world using this amazing technology. We are already receiving reports from people who are feeling the energy after just one lesson. These letters have led me to take the course to the next level.

Additional Lessons:
Over the next couple of weeks I am going to write and post two more follow up lessons that will be a permanent part of the Spoonbenders Course. I hope that these additional insights will help people take what they have learned and apply it in even deeper ways. I want us to be completely prepared when the Great Experiment III happens on February 9th. It is so important that this first mission be profoundly successful. With your help it surely will be.

If you have not signed up for the course, please do so right away. We need all 100,000 people to participate, partially because it gives us the ratio we need to affect the desired shift. This course is being offered on a donation basis, and we appreciate you helping us continue this important work with your tithes. Simply go to and follow the links. You will be then be able to start the class right away.

We have experienced a slight delay in processing the scholarship requests, and we sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting. These requests have to be handled by hand, and we have just now come up with an automated solution. Thank you for your patience. We did not intend to separate you from the others, and I hope you understand what an endeavor this has been for our small staff. We are receiving thousands of e-mails every day and it takes time to get through them all. But we're almost there.

Paying by check for the Spoonbenders Course:
If you want to send a check for your donation, here's how:

Mail to:
Beloved Community
48 Morse Ave.
Ashland, Or. 97520
(US funds only)

Then go to and register your name. You'll then be led right to the lessons.

Problems with credit card processor?
We will have an additional credit card processor online in a day for those of you who have had problems with PayPal. Once again, thanks for your patience.

The Great Experiment III:
By February 9 we hope to have 100,000 trained Lightworkers who will use the tools from the Spoonbenders Course to create a wave of peace that will wash over the whole planet. We have hired statisticians in Israel to scientifically measure the impact of the vigil on that day, an attempt to show the powerful effect of this modality of prayer. I have also received an invitation to travel to South Korea a few weeks later to perform the same peace work. I will need you there as well. We are forming an amazing team of Peaceful Warriors, and I am honored to have you with us.

In Peace,
James Twyman

Join James Twyman's List:  If you are interested in joining the email list of James Twyman and the Beloved Community, please send an email to with the word list in the subject or body of the email.

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