ENCORE receivable management inc.

(try-to-collect-it-again collection agency)

400 N. Rogers Road, Olathe, Kansas 66062
913.782.3333 voice
913.782.3303 fax
email: info@encorermi.com

The company also used the address PO Box 3330, Olathe KS 66063-3330.

Call toll free 888-710-9983. Calling this number (or any other toll-free number) will display your phone number (and your name, perhaps) even if you use caller-id blocking. They are NOT giving you a toll-free number because they are feeling generous towards you. Also, if you call this 888-710-9983 number the person answering will not tell you the company's fax number unless you identify yourself and answer a bunch of questions first. I'm not even sure that you will get the fax number after that because I refused to identify myself. The guys answering the phone used a pretty rude tone of voice after I refused to identify myself. I only asked for the company fax number so that I could respond to ENCORE's letter.

So I searched the internet with Google and found the company's FAX number on their public web page. Go figure why the guy answering the 888-710-9983 phone number that they asked me to call would not give me the FAX number. Maybe he wouldn't get a commission if I didn't work through him. (I wasn't worried about him getting my phone number because I was calling from another continent. The caller-id number that showed up on his computer was a relay phone number or just said "out of area". He had no information to intimidate me with.)

I provide a few simple and very effective tips below on how to counteract the intimidation of a collection agency.

Here are some additional facts I uncovered on the public internet Google search.

The company's web site is http://www.encorermi.com . It's not very impressive for a 1,500 employee company. It's only one page.

Greg "FU" Ferrall, part owner of Encore receivable management inc.

This is ( as you nickenamed me FU).
I was in class of 1982 at Tallulah Falls School with :
Ken and Keith Porter, Chris Gendron, Karen George, Catherine Avret, Hill Wilcox, Steven Green, Kay Hale, MC-D, Julie Wiggley, Claudia Puccio, Mike, Gloria, Randy, Chantel, Patti, David, Steve, etc...

I got tired of writing all last names. I apologize if I didn't list your last name. Just computer hand got limp. I missed the 20 year reunion and I feel bad about it. I want any of you listed or all of you listed and those from 1983, 1984, and 1985 class that I know and knows me like: A. Bloodworth, Molly Perry, T.Compton, M. Marino, S.Casteel, A. Hoffland, T. Bass, Mich Smith, etc... Once again I am sure I left some of you out. I apologize, to contact me by phone or email. I will list both.

email: gferrall@encorermi.com
work 770-321-2219 cell 404-822-9961 call me Greg , not " FU" or Glenn , ha ha !!

Ok now I will give you overview of who and what I have become. I am married and have been since 1993 to Carol. We have 9 year old twin daughters Ashley and Emily. I now live in Canton, Georgia in " The Falls of Cherokee " sunbdivision. I and season ticket holder for the Atlanta Thrasher hockey team. I have lost my tennis game. I still have that outgoing personality that all of you remember me having. I am 6 foot tall and 190 pds.

I with 9 others own a company called Encore Receivable Management. We employ 1500 people. I fly over 60-70 flights a year all over the U.S and Canada. There is no city in U.S (Major city) that I have not been too or go to. I am the President of my homeowners association and if you ever heard of state senator (Bob Barr lost 2002 election) he lives like 10-12 houses from me.
I used to stay in contact with Steve McCullough the most and he is married as well and has 1 child. I have lost touch with Steve and trying to find him as well. Steve had job selling satelite stuff as I remeber and he flew like 50-60 flights a year like me as well. I have after graduating saw or talked to and want to find again: Chris Gendron who I roomed with and went to Beirut with the Marines. I went out with a few times as friends with Tracy Compton and Amy Hoffland. I did talk some to Claudia Puccio, Alan Bloodworth, Molly Perry, Tui Cassube, Kevin McDonald, Julie Wiggley, and few others and have lost touch with all and want to regain it with all of you and those that we lost touch as soon as we graduated.

(editor's note: Greg is pretty full of himself. I really feel sorry for his family. He's not around much for them with all that flying around.)

Karen C. Lewis, '86
18855 W. 163rd Terr
Olathe , KS 66062
(913) 764-7927
Email: klewis@encorermi.com

Karen attended Desert Sun School/TEPPS from 1982 to 1986.

More email addresses without comment:

Ernesto Castellon jr <ecastellon@encorermi.com>
Teri Strahine <tstrahine@encoremi.com>
Chad Stallbaumer <cstallbaumer@encorermi.com>
Mark Strauss <mstrauss@encorermi.com>


You can find this info by using Google or Altavista and searching for "encorermi".

Tips for dealing with a collection agency.

Challenge the accuracy of the claim in writing. If you don't challenge the accuracy of the claim in writing the law assumes that you agree with the claim but are only ignoring it. After a few ignored written notices the collection agency will have more ammunition to file a legal claim against you.

Make your challenge as simple as possible. Don't provide any details. Example: Hand write in red or blue ink on the face of their letter "This is wrong. Further letters will be considered harrassment." sign it, date it and mail it certified to the address on the letter.(Keep a copy, of course.) FAXing your notice also works if your faxing system records the successful receipt by the receiving fax machine. Collection agencies are heavily regulated and harrassment is a crime with serious penalties to the collection agency. After you challenge the claim, the collection agency must provide some original source document(s) to prove the claim. A previous invoice that says "payment due" from the original company is probably not enough proof for the collection agency to proceed. Most likely they will need a contract with your signature on it and proof that you did not fulfill the contract. This is time consuming and costly for the collection agency. Most likely the original claimant cannot produce the necessary written documents.

Debts lose value as they age. If you make a partial payment (to show good faith or whatever they might tell you) you start the clock ticking again at zero. This will strengthen the collection agency's position. The value of your account will have gone up. Most likely they will be more aggressive in collecting the full amount. If your debt is old, say six months or more, most likely the collection agency acquired the debt at a steep discount. If you make a payment or written statement that you agree that the claim is correct, the collection agency has increased the value of your debt.

Don't talk with the collection agency on the phone. If you are called by the collection agency, do not give them any details and ask them to send their communication in writing. Tell them to NOT call you again and hang up immediately. The caller will say anything to try to prevent you from hanging up. It costs the collection agency more to communicate in writing. It is usually to your disadvantage to talk with a collection agency on the phone. Most of these folks are trained in tricks to intimidate you. These guys are pro's. They do it eight hours a day. They can say things to intimidate you, and then deny it later. They cannot deny a written statement. The guys on the phone most likely can't send anything to you in writing. Their employer won't allow it.

Use a public pay phone if you don't want the collection agency to call you back. The best thing is not to call them at all. Just write to them.

Don't trust anything that they say over the phone. It is not legally binding. It is in the collection agency's best interest if you do not challenge their claim in writing.

Other collection agencies:

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

Michael Barrist
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044-2398
Phone: 215-441-3822
Fax: 215-441-3950
Email: mike.barrist@ncogroup.com


Last updated June 18, 2003.

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