Overview of Facts and Speculation Related to the Death of Elvina Roloff on February 7, 2001.

Benefits to 
Marie A. Cheatham, 
Daniel T. Cheatham, 
Johanna Bice and 
Jessica Cheatham 
for death of Elvina Roloff

1.  More money in Cheatham family's pockets because medical costs
    would reduce their inheritance.

2.  More money from contracts payable-on-death to M. Cheatham
    because Elvina Roloff could
    not modify the contracts.

3.  Gifting of house to M. Cheatham becomes irrevokable.

4.  Extra benefits for Elvina's death before February 10, 2001,
    when her son arrived from Texas. (Elvina  died February 7,
    2001, just four days after coming under the care of
    Marie's family.)

4.1 Hide money trail which benefits the Marie's family
    because Marie would not release financial documents
    after the death of Elvina. Whereas, Elvina would
    have allowed her son to look at her records.

4.2 Elvina's "Do Not Rescitate" document could not be
    challenged. Elvina's son would have challenged the
    legality of the document and made sure that all the
    preconditions for it's effect were met.

4.3 Cheatham family can avoid repaying personal loans from Elvina.

5.  Reduce Marie's family's embarrasment over financial and
    emotional abuse of Elvina , as documented in 
    financial records and her personal diaries, because
    Marie would not release Elvina's personal diaries
    after the death of Elvina. Whereas, Elvina would
    have allowed her son to look at her personal diaries.

6.  Reduce Cheatham family's risk of being sued for slander
    by Elvina Roloff's son by withholding evidence 
    contained in her personal diary.

7.  Ending sleep deprivation for Cheatham family.

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