Johanna Lynn Bice (nee Roloff) family tree diagram

Photo of Johanna Bice February 11, 2001 Photo of Johanna Bice September 25, 2003

a.k.a. Johanna L. Roloff
a.k.a. Johanna L. Byrd
Daughter of Marie Ann Cheatham.
Date of Birth: March 26, 1972

Daughter: Sherridan Rainier (unknown surname), Date of Birth March 15, 2003. Father listed as Russell Lake.

Daughter: Katie, Date of Birth around year 2000.

Married September 11, 1990 to Ronald E. Byrd

Married to Davis Shane Bice of Chandler, Texas on June 18, 1999. Still married to Davis Bice as of September 2003.

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