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The eleven characteristics of Controlled Demolition
  1. Sudden Onset.
  2. Falls Straight Down.
  3. Almost Free-Fall Speed.
  4. Total Collapse.
  5. Sliced Steel.
  6. Pulverization of Concrete and Other Materials.
  7. Dust Clouds.
  8. Horizontal Ejections.
  9. A series of small explosions run rapidly around a building.
  10. Sounds Produced by Explosions.
  11. Molten Steel in the debris.
Bulgaria, Resen, Veliko Turnovo, 2 properties for sale
Property 1: 600 square meters; registered for building a house.
Property 2: 550 square meters; registered for building a house.

Resen is 17 kilometres (15 minutes) from the
ancient capital of Bulgaria “Veliko Turnovo”. Its a one hour drive to Romania,
three hours to Sofia, Varna and Bourgas, and only 45 minutes to the ski slopes
at Gabravo.

Medical Records to Heirs
Next of kin usually have the right to request copies of medical records of the deceased. The medical records do not belong to the estate of the deceased. The Personal Representative (executor, executrix, administrator, trustee) of the estate does not have any authority to approve or deny access to the medical records of the deceased.
Last update April 11, 2016